Brutal Frogs are getting angry. The birds have eaten frogs for thousands of years. Now it’s time for revenge. The Angry Frog will explode when you tap the screen and kill all the birds around him. The Parachute Frog can land almost wherever he wants, close to the dumb birds. The Tongue frog uses his tongue as a liana and can really getting close to the chicken birds. The Lady Frog places a bomb carpet over the birds nest, very impressive. Visit Brutal Frogs web site.

Unstone Me is a simple and addictive puzzle game. The goal is to get the little stone marked “Unstone Me” out of the board by sliding the other stones out of the way.

Unstone Me comes with 75 levels, from easy to very hard. Visit Unstone Me


Brutal Labyrinth features hours of gameplay, challenging physics-based labyrinth demolition, and lots of replay value. Each of the 42 levels requires logic, skill, and brute force to find the way. You control the ball by tilting the iPhone.

Visit Brutal Labyrinth


StonePacker, the famous game from Teazle. Now available as standalone on iPhone, iPad & Android. Totally addicted and enormously fun to play. The Pro version has 100 levels.

Visit StonePacker


Fun game with a mummy  trapped in a large pyramid. Lost Mummy features hours of gameplay, lots of replay value. Each of the 36 levels requires logic skill, and brute force to clear the way.  Visit Lost Mummy



The endless belt is rolling and for each revolution the speed increases. You have to keep your ball at the top by tilting and turning your device. On the belt is different obstacles and you have to find your way as the belts turns. For each revolution the speed increases making it harder and harder to stay on the belt. try Belt.

Visit Belts


Monkey Swing is an exciting adventure game with unique gameplay. Touch and hold your finger on a branch to have your monkey throw a liane and swing his way past chasing birds and thorny branches.



iJuggler is an exciting arcade game with fast-paced gameplay. Move your unicycling bear around the stage to keep as many objects in the air as possible.

As you progress through the career mode, new objects are introduced that make juggling even harder. Explosive bombs, invisible balls and time-slowing powerups start raining down on the stage, giving even the most experienced gamer a challenge!


Teazle was an internet game we made 1997. Known as the best internet game ever. Maybe that is to much but it was really fun making and playing. Maybe we come up with an mobile version next year.







Backpacker is a quiz game about travelling around the world. The objective is to travel around the world as fast as possible or to visit as many cities as possible.







Backpacker2 is a sequel Backpacker. The game is still about travelling around the world, but it also offers many new features.