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Quiz15 is a quiz game for 2-5 players on one iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, but…

You can play with more then 5 players if you play as teams and one player keeps his finger on the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and the others team members grab his/her arm. When one in the team are sure about the correct answer he/she will lift the arm and release the button. It´s recommended to use an iPad with these sort of gaming. It can be very tight doing this with an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Quiz15 is the first multiplayer game for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. The release for the game was April 3 2010, the same day the iPad was released.

It was a tight race against the clock, but Apple approved the game in the afternoon of April 2, PST. By then it was actually already April 3 here in Sweden – the confirmation mail reached us at 1:50 AM when we had almost given up hope.

We would like to thank the iTunes Store Team for their tireless work in the week leading up to the iPad launch. Great work, guys!

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