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A Chance To Win A Quiz15 Gold (Universal) Promo Code With A Retweet Or Comment

AppAdvice has teamed up with Piro in order to offer you a chance to win one of five (5) promo codes for Quiz15 Gold for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch ($4.99).

Read more about it here.

The Math Pack contains 300 math questions. Most are easy, like “8 x 6 = ?”, but you have to think fast! Some questions are harder: what’s 3900 / 6? You will learn to calculate quickly in your head while having fun! The Math Pack is a challenge both for teens and adults. The categories are the four fundamental rules of arithmetic:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division

This is a short with some guys playing QUIZ15 for the first time.

Here’s the article that was in the local press i Uppsala. Nice.

At the release on April 3 2010, two languages were supported. There is a Swedish and an English free question pack. There is also an English “Jumbo Pack” and a Swedish “Stora Paketet”  available for purchase within the app. They contain more than a thousand questions each!

We hope to be able to translate the game into other languages in the future. Actually, translating the game is not hard but many of the questions need to be rewritten completely. We can’t ask a Swede for the name of the third U.S. president, or expect players in the  U.S.A. to know  what city lies on the shores of Sweden’s largest lake.

What makes Quiz15 so fun? Maybe it is the easy questions in combination with the difficulty of  being the fastest to answer. The different alternatives that are totally wrong but in one way maybe right makes it hard to be the quickest player. Maybe you think the questions are a little bit hard to answer but you really like the game? Then you are in luck – we are working on a Junior Pack with easier questions for Quiz15 especially for young people.

You know that you have to be the fastest to answer, that’s what makes Quiz15 so fun.

Quiz15 is the first multiplayer game for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. The release for the game was April 3 2010, the same day the iPad was released.

It was a tight race against the clock, but Apple approved the game in the afternoon of April 2, PST. By then it was actually already April 3 here in Sweden – the confirmation mail reached us at 1:50 AM when we had almost given up hope.

We would like to thank the iTunes Store Team for their tireless work in the week leading up to the iPad launch. Great work, guys!

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